Important Reasons Why Your Business Website Should be Mobile Friendly

As we all know that mobile phone users have surpassed desktop device users, so the majority of the people are accessing the World Wide Web from their pockets only.  There are hundreds of reasons why your website should be mobile friendly so let’s talk about some major points in brief:

  1. Most of the people are now accessing internet services using mobile phones because it’s really convenient to access the internet using mobile phones so make your website mobile-friendly before it’s too late.


  1. Features like less load time, no waiting around for the devices to get start-up like we used to wait on desktop device are making mobile devices more in use than a desktop one.


  1. If we talk averagely than 15% of desktop users make purchases at least once a week, which is very less than 35% of mobile users purchasing in a week. If they don’t find your website accessible on mobile then it’s very sure that they will purchase from your competitor website.


  1. Mobile-friendly website design ensures that the web pages, user is navigating are consistent in the structure which makes their experience very happy as compare to non-responsive website designs.


  1. Massively mobile, responsive website designs improve search engine optimization of the websites which makes a huge difference to the marketing budget of the client. Generally, more than 60% of Google Searches is made on mobile phones so if Google doesn’t find any website mobile responsive than it push down the website in search results.


  1. Mobile Optimization of websites also helps in social media advertising as it improves the efficiency of the website. For e.g., Over 90% of Facebook users access their accounts only through mobile devices. So, making your website mobile-friendly will really make your business grow in leaps and bounds.


  1. According to the Kissmetrics survey, if your website has a single second delay in loading time it can cost you a reduction in customer conversions. Mobile optimization avoids the unnecessary loss of deals and customers by providing safeguards from unwanted ads and making website loading time very less.


  1. Now a days probably all of the users do online shopping using their mobile devices so if in case you want to sell your product or service through your website then you must make your website mobile-friendly so that users can easily navigate through your website and they easily find the information they are looking for. Major E-commerce Company Shopify has recently explained that 50% of all eCommerce sales are coming from smartphone devices.


  1. Remember your competitor has already made their website mobile friendly and they are snatching your customers through that. This is probably hard to accept, but this is the reality and very important point to consider for any business owner. So, it’s the right time to optimize your website and make it mobile-friendly if you want to compete in the market.


  1. Mobile-friendly website designs make really easy for customers to navigate your contact details and to reach you. Making your website mobile-friendly means your customers have easy access to see your contact details like your email address, phone number or any other kind of contact detail which finally leads to high sales at your end.



Having a mobile-friendly website will really make a positive impact on the users’ mind because they don’t recommend any website that is poorly or non-responsively designed. With the growing time, demand of mobile responsive websites is highly increasing and they really stand out among those websites which are yet not mobile optimized. So, if you are also looking to redesign your website and want to make it mobile-friendly, drop us Email at and we will make or update your website to mobile responsiveness which will make your business stand out in the crowd.

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