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  • Futures Trading introduces new advanced algorithms for Russell 2000 futures which generate 100% probability trades
    on March 23, 2021 at 9:23 pm

    New way to trade Russell2000 Futures using algorithms with audio alerts conquer fear conquer all”— Lev GindinATLANTA, GA, USA, March 23, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Futures Trading introduces new advanced algorithms for Russell 2000 futures which generate 100% probability trades with graphics and audio alerts. Algorithms can see trades taken by major financial firms and hedge funds. Algorithms generate graphics with exceptional precision. Algorithms on individual charts are independent of each other. This independence allows the trader to see a very detailed depth of major and minor trends. Algorithms identify the High and Low trading range of the market. Divergence provides a signal when the market is ready to reverse the trend, and when it couples with OBOS Algorithms, traders have a 100% probability of profitable trades. Algorithms generate signals for 100 plus points daily. For information on algorithms and audio alerts, videos, and interview with developer Professor Leo Gindin visit web site https://tradingaleafalgorithms.com/ To see actual real-time trades and results, contact russell2000futures@gmail.com, tel. 678-935-7905 Webex meeting recording: March 14 training-20210314 2301-1 Password: vRKeYSq9 Recording link: https://leo-org.my.webex.com/leo-org.my/ldr.php?RCID=011bf4d3f9024a109a55d80266ede71a Request information on 90-day strategy. Remember, no knowledge is required because algorithms trading is mechanical and subconscious.Lev Gindin Futures Trading +1 678-935-7905 russell2000futures@gmail.com Visit us on social media:FacebookLinkedIn

  • India Is Now the #2 Country with Participants in the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Online Writing Workshop
    on March 23, 2021 at 8:49 pm

    Global map showing countries with students taking online writing workshop New Year 2021 India has overtaken Canada as the #2 position in L. Ron Hubbard's Online Writing Workshop. I wish you all the best in your journey to becoming a writer of the future.”— Tim Powers, Multiple World Fantasy Award-Winning AuthorHOLLYWOOD, CA, UNITED STATES, March 23, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- India has taken Writers of the Future judge and workshop instructor Tim Powers' words to heart when he said, “So you want to be a writer.” The L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Online Writing Workshop has been available for only 11 months and already has over 5,200 aspiring writers enrolled from 108 countries. India overtaking Canada in the #2 position. Powers concludes, “Learn from the very Writers of the Future judges Orson Scott Card, David Farland, and myself, Tim Powers, who teach the annual winners. I wish you all the best in your journey to becoming a writer of the future.” “Youth Magazine” editor Bhagyashree Prabhutendolkar, herself having completed the writing workshop, is extremely supportive in encouraging aspiring writers in India to take the free online course providing this link in her magazine: https://www.youthmag.net/register. The writing workshop comprises 13 videos by Orson Scott Card, David Farland, and Tim Powers. There are also essays written by the Founder of the Contest, L. Ron Hubbard, and practical assignments that take a writer from research and concepts to a completed short story. Complete transcripts enable anyone to translate into their language and receive the benefits of this free course. With a 4.7 out of 5-star rating, the course is well-received from aspiring writers worldwide, as it is designed for the participant to go at their own pace. Welcome videos from each of the judges teaching the workshop can be seen at Free Online Workshop The Writers of the Future writing contest LINK: www.writersofthefuture.com was initiated by L. Ron Hubbard in 1983 to provide “a means for new and budding writers to have a chance for their creative efforts to be seen and acknowledged.” Based on its success, its sister contest, Illustrators of the Future, was created five years later to provide that same opportunity for the aspiring artist. The intensive mentoring process has proven very successful. The over 500 past winners and published finalists of the Writing Contest have published over 1,800 novels and nearly 6,200 short stories. They have produced 33 New York Times bestsellers, and their works have sold over 60 million copies. The 370 past winners of the Illustrating Contest have produced over 6,000 illustrations, 360 comic books, graced 624 books and albums with their art, and visually contributed to 68 TV shows and 40 major movies. For more information on the Contest or upcoming release, visit www.writersofthefuture.com.John Goodwin Galaxy Press + +1 323-466-3310email us here Visit us on social media:FacebookTwitterLinkedIn

  • ஐ.நா தீர்மானம் சிறிலங்காவுக்கு தோல்வி, ஆனால் தமிழர்களுக்கான நீதியல்ல ! - நாடுகடந்த தமிழீழ அரசாங்கம்
    on March 23, 2021 at 7:49 pm

    "முன்னைய தீர்மானங்களை விட, வலுவற்ற நீர்த்துப்போன ஓர் தீர்மானமாக இது உள்ளது - பொறுப்புக்கூறலை சிறிலங்கா அரசிடமே கொடுக்கின்ற ஓர் வலுவற்ற தீர்மானம்" சிறிலங்கா அரசாங்கம் போர்க்குற்றங்கள் புரிந்திருப்பதைத் தெளிவாகக சுட்டிகாட்டும் ஐ.நாவின் மூன்று அறிக்கைகள் உள்ளன: ஐநா வல்லுநர் குழு அறிக்கை, உள்ளக ஆய்வறிக்கை, மனிதவுரிமை ஆணையாளர் OISL அறிக்கை. ”— நாடுகடந்த தமிழீழ அரசாங்கம்NEW YORK, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, March 23, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- அனைத்துலக அரங்கில் சிறிலங்காவுக்கு ஏற்பட்ட தோல்வியாக, ஐ.நா மனித உரிமைச்சபையில் நிறைவேற்றப்பட்ட தீர்மானம் அமைந்துள்ளதென தெரிவித்துள்ள நாடுகடந்த தமிழீழ அரசாங்கம், இந்த தோல்வி தமிழர்களுக்கு நீதியாக மாறவில்லை என்பதோடு பொறுப்புக்கூறலை சிறிலங்கா அரசிடமே கொடுக்கின்ற ஓர் வலுவற்ற தீர்மானம் என தெரிவித்துள்ளது. ஐ.நா மனித உரிமைச்சபையில் பிரித்தானியா தலைமையிலான கூட்டுநாடுகளால் முன்வைக்கப்பட்ட சிறிலங்கா தொடர்பிலான தீர்மானத்துக்கு A/HRC/46/L.1 ஆதரவாக 22 நாடுகளும், எதிராக 11 நாடுகளும் வாக்களித்திருந்தன. வாக்கெடுப்பில் 14 பங்கேற்கவில்லை. அண்மைக்காலத்தில் அனைத்துலக அரங்கொன்றில் சிறிலங்காவுக்கு ஏற்பட்ட தோல்வியாக இது இருந்தாலும், முன்னைய தீர்மானங்களை விட, வலுவற்ற நீர்த்துப்போன ஓர் தீர்மானமாக இது உள்ளதெனவும் நாடுகடந்த தமிழீழ அரசாங்கம் தெரிவித்துள்ளது. கடந்த காலத்தில் சிறிலங்கா சாமார்த்தியமாக 'பயங்கரவாதத்தின் மீதான போர்' என்று பூச்சாண்டி காட்டி உத்திகளைக் கையாண்டது. 2015ல் ஏமாற்று அரசியலைக் கையாண்டு ஐ.நா மனித உரிமை;சபையின் 30/1 தீர்மானத்தைப் பிற நாடுகளுடன் கூட்டாக முன்மொழிந்து விட்டு, அதனைச் செயலாக்காமல் அனைத்துலக சமூகத்தினை சமாளித்ததென நாடுகடந்த தமிழீழ அரசாங்கம் தெரிவித்துள்ளது. ஏற்கெனவே தங்களிடம் சான்று இருப்பதாக ஐ.நா மனிதவுரிமைச் சபையின் துணை ஆணையாளர் மெர் கான் வில்லியம்ஸ் கூறியுள்ள போதிலும், புதிய தீர்மானத்தில் ஒரு கூறு 'ஐ.நா ஆணையாளர் அலுவலகம் தகவலும் சான்றும் திரட்டவும் ஒருங்கமைக்கவும் பகுத்தாராயவும் பாதுகாக்கவும் வேண்டும்' என்று கேட்டுக் கொள்வதாக' உள்ளது. இது பாதிக்கப்பட்ட தமிழர்களை ஆற்றுப்படுத்துவதற்காக சேர்க்கப்பட்ட வெற்றுக்கூடான உள்ளடக்கமாக இது தோன்றுகிறது எனவும் நாடுகடந்த தமிழீழ அரசாங்கம் தெரிவித்துள்ளது. மேலும் நாடுகடந்த தமிழீழ அரசாங்கத்தின் அறிக்கையில் தெரிவிக்கப்பட்டுள்ளதாவது, ஐ.நா மனிதவுரிமைப் சபையில் சிறிலங்காவுக்கு ஏற்பட்டுள்ள இந்த தோல்லி, அனைத்துலக இராஜதந்திர தளத்தில் சிறிலங்கா ஒதுக்கி வைக்கப்பட்ட அரசாகிக் கொண்டிருப்பதை வெளிக்காட்டுகின்றது. இந்தத் தீர்மானம் சிறிலங்கா விவகாரத்தில் பின்னோக்கி சென்றுள்ளது. பொதுநலவாய நாடுகளைச் சேர்ந்த நீதிபதிகளும் அயல்நாட்டு நீதிபதிகளும் பங்கேற்கக வேண்டுமென 2015ம் ஆண்டு தீர்மானம் முன்மொழிந்;திருந்தது. ஆனால் இன்றைய தீர்மானமோ பொறுப்புக்கூறலை முழுக்க முழுக்க ஓர் உள்நாட்டுப் (சிறிலங்கா) பொறிமுறையிடமே விட்டுவிடுகிறது. நாகரீக நாடுகளின் சட்டப்புத்தகங்களில் அசிங்கமான கறையாக வர்ணிக்கப்படும் பயங்கரவாதத் தடுப்புச் சட்டத்தைப் பொறுத்த வரை, 2015 தீர்மானத்தில் இடம்பெற்ற 'நீக்கம்' என்ற சொல் இன்றைய தீர்மானத்தில் காணப்படவில்லை. சிறிலங்கா அரசாங்கத்தின் உயர்நிலையில் இருப்பவர்கள் போர்க்குற்றங்கள் புரிந்திருப்பதைத் தெளிவாகக சுட்டிகாட்டும் வகையில் ஐ.நாவின் மூன்று அறிக்கைகள் உள்ளன. (ஐநா வல்லுநர் குழு அறிக்கை, உள்ளக ஆய்வறிக்கை (பெட்ரி அறிக்கை எனப்படுவது), சிறிலங்கா தொடர்பான மனிதவுரிமை ஆணையாளர் அலுவலக OISL அறிக்கை) சிறிலங்காவை அனைத்துலகக் குற்றவியல் நீதிமன்றத்தில் பாரப்படுத்தவும், உலகளாவிய மேலுரிமையினை சிறிலங்கா தொடர்பில் அனைத்துலக சமூகம் செலுத்த வேண்டும் என ஐநா உயராணையர் மிசேல் பசலே ஏற்கெனவே விடுத்த அழைப்பில் தெரிவித்துள்ளார். ஐ.நா மனித உரிமைச்சபையின் 4 முன்னாள் ஆணையாளர்களும், சிறிலங்காவுக்குச் சென்றுவந்த 13 முன்னாள் ஐநா சிறப்பு அறிக்கையாளர்களும், சிறிலங்கா தொடர்பான ஐநா பொதுச் செயலரின் வல்லுநர் குழுவில் இடம்பெற்ற 3 உறுப்பினர்களும் சிறிலங்காவை அனைத்துலகக் குற்றவியல் நீதிமன்றத்தின் பார்வைக்கு அனுப்பக் கோரியிருந்தார்கள். நாடுகடந்த தமிழீழ அரசாங்கம் 2011ம் ஆண்டில் இருந்து கோரிவருகின்றது. தற்போதைய ஐ.நா கூட்டத் தொடரிமை மையப்படுத்தி தாயக தமிழர் அரசியல் தரப்புக்களும், தமிழ் சிவில் சமூகமும், தமிழ் சமயத் தலைவர்களும், புலம்பெயர் தமிழர் அமைப்புக்களும், தமிழுலகமும், உட்பட பலரும தமது முதன்மைக் கோரிக்கையாக இதனை முன்வைத்திருந்தனர். சிறிலங்காவை அனைத்துலகக் குற்றவியல் நீதிமன்றத்தில் கொண்டுபோய் நிறுத்துவதற்குத் தேவைப்படுவது நாடுகளிடத்திடத்தில் அரசியல் மனத்திட்பம்தானே தவிர புதிய செயல்திட்டமன்று. அரசுகளின் கட்டுப்பாட்டிலுள்ள மன்றங்களில் நீதி பெறுவதில் அரசுகளற்ற தேசங்கள் சந்திக்கும் சவால்களை ஐநா மனிதவுரிமைச் சபையின் இன்றைய தீர்மானம் காட்டுகிறது. இரண்டாம் உலகப் போருக்குப் பிறகான காலத்தில் ஐக்கிய நாடுகள் அமைப்பும் உலகச் சமுதாயமும் சுயநிர்ணய உரிமையை ஓர் அடிப்படைக் கொள்கையாக ஏற்றுள்ள போதிலும், அதனை நீதிநோக்கில் பயன்படுத்தும் முயற்சியை இப்போதிருக்கும் அரசுகள் தமது நலன்களின் அடிப்படையில் வழிமறிப்பதே வாடிக்கையாக இருந்து வருகிறது. இந்தத் அரசுகள் தமது 'இறைமையையும்' 'ஆட்சிப்புலக் கட்டுக்கோப்பையும்' கட்டிக் காப்பதன் போர்வையில், நாசிக் கொடுமைகளை நினைவுபடுத்தும் இனஅழிப்புக்களையும், மானிடக்குற்றங்களை நடத்தத் தயங்குவதில்லை. மனிதவுரிமைகள் பற்றியும் ஜனநாயகம் பற்றியும் நீட்டி முழக்கும் உலக அரசுகள் தம் புவிசார் அரசியல் நலன்களுக்காக இந்தக் குற்றங்களைக் கண்டுகொள்வதில்லை என நாடுகடந்த தமிழீழ அரசாங்கம் தெரிவித்துள்ளது.Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam TGTE+1 6142023377r.thave@tgte.org Visit us on social media:FacebookTwitter

  • Gossip Depot Reveals 7 Top Problems It Solves for Journalists
    on March 23, 2021 at 5:00 pm

    Orderly Chats and Story Feeds on Gossip Depot Keep Up with Submission Schedules The only online newsroom site that can filter out fake news and gossip to get to the truth We are making public relations easier for everyone”— Ashley Harris, Gossip Depot spokespersonATLANTA, GA, UNITED STATES, March 23, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Gossip Depot, the site for online newsrooms that share knowledge, promote stories and create stars, today revealed the seven top problems it solves for journalists. These include making it easier to discover sources, search news archives and more. Gossip Depot is on track to reserve over 10 million newsrooms by its July 2021 launch date. Newsmakers are reserving their newsrooms now. “We are making public relations easier for everyone,” explained a spokesperson for Gossip Depot. “We do this by giving corporate online newsrooms to everyday people to gather around shared stories, collaborate around knowledge and common objectives, and promote their goals to like-minded people and the media.” The company improves the connection between journalists and young professionals who may have the potential to become media sources, e.g., business owners, community leaders, politicians, and communication departments. Gossip Depot also creates a media safe haven for journalists working in digital, print, broadcast, sports, and magazines to receive, edit, and publish breaking news stories to their newsrooms from anywhere in the world. Gossip Depot follows national standards, such as those from the Society of Journalism, SEO Best Practices, and others. The site enables regular people, media, PR contacts, communication departments, and story tellers to interact with one another. As Gossip Depot continues to facilitate authentic engagements between media and storytellers the public trust in media will strengthen. Each Gossip Depot newsroom features a clean, responsive design that gives journalists the ability to invite young professionals, media sources, and contacts to separate news desks. By gathering at news desks, journalists can take unstructured information, content, breaking news, and gossip and publish featured stories anytime, anywhere, easier than ever. While the media works to regain public trust, Gossip Depot is developing tools to make the media professions less stressful and more efficient—defending against fake news, promoting ethical journalism, providing free access to research material, offering scholarships to new generation of journalists, and solving the top seven headaches that journalists experience: 1. Discover content and sources more easily—Gossip Depot features a News Stand with over 100+ RSS feeds, press releases, and shared stories from main streets around the world providing journalists with creditable, media-friendly material on demand, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With direct access to the stories of everyday people, journalists can find alternative angles and authentic, prewritten stories. 2. Get all the information one needs—Online newsrooms provide journalists with statements directly from the source about relevant controversial issues that break in the news. Plus, to ensure information that reporters need is available, Gossip Depot will automatically archive and fill out PR Information as media sources voluntarily complete their profiles, company history, financials, bios of any executive team, and contact information. 3. Archived Coverage—In one central place, journalists can neatly organize and quickly find links to all of their past coverage material, including PR contacts, a downloadable press kit, media sources contacts, recent annual reports, case studies statements, and white papers. 4. User-Friendly and Easy to Use—Gossip Depot stores and exchanges communications, information, news, and stories from around the world. The site’s cutting edge news center aggregates unstructured gossip from a variety of sources and delivers it to journalists in easy to access information, knowledge, and data users can use to communicate, achieve, promote and collaborate around shared stories and goals. 5. User Resources—For users that want to skip the exploratory phase of Gossip Depot, Gossip Depot offers professional panels, conferences, white papers, and routinely publishes technical documents and additional resources to help users flatten the learning curve of their newsrooms. 6. Sharable Links—Press releases on Gossip Depot can include downloadable audio and video clips and links that can be shared to other journalists, news desks, social platforms, email, or in a text message. 7. Powerful Search Features—To make finding information even easier Gossip Depot offers powerful search engines that quickly deliver the answers that you want. GossipDepot.com’s official launch date is July 3, 2021. Users can sign up for free now to reserve their newsroom names. To reserve a free newsroom name, click here. END # # #Antonio Dewayne James GOSSIP DEPOT LLC +1 4702308311urbanstylz1@yahoo.com Visit us on social media:LinkedIn

  • N2N Partners With PageUp For Innovative Cloud-Based Talent Management Solutions
    on March 23, 2021 at 1:00 pm

    N2N broadens the reach of its data integration services beyond student services to encompass talent management, leveraging PageUp’s cloud-based solutions. We’re excited to partner with N2N Services to strengthen our offering for the US higher education market.”— Sarah Forbes, PageUp SVP North America & EMEADULUTH, GEORGIA, USA, March 23, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- N2N Services, Inc., a leading platform provider for higher education systems integration, today announced their partnership with PageUp, a leading provider of cloud-based talent management software solutions. “We’re thrilled to be entering a partnership with PageUp,” said N2N CEO Kiran Kodithala. "PageUp’s mission of connecting people to great careers and N2N’s strengths in connecting higher education data provides a great collaboration opportunity for mutual success. N2N’s Higher Education focused SaaS integration platform complements PageUp’s plans to expand their presence in the college and university HR environment.” Sarah Forbes, PageUp SVP North America & EMEA, says, “We’re excited to partner with N2N Services to strengthen our offering for the US higher education market. Delivering great technology experiences is at the heart of what we do, and this partnership will allow for seamless, straightforward data integration. About PageUp At PageUp, we’re passionate about connecting people to great careers. Our powerful platform optimizes each step of the talent management lifecycle – so everyone can reach their full potential.PageUp Talent Management software enhances HR processes with technology that HR professionals, people leaders and employees love to use. From Recruitment Marketing – including sophisticated content management, marketing automation and candidate relationship management tools – through to Recruitment Management, Onboarding, Learning, Performance, and Succession – all underpinned by Analytics. About N2N N2N Services Inc. is a leader in higher ed application and data integration. N2N’s Illuminate platform is a cloud based SaaS platform providing standards based, turnkey integration enabling organizations to plug-in new SaaS applications in a matter of minutes. Illuminate integration platform is used by more than 200 academic institutions(providing student services to over a million students) and enables institutions to meet strategic objectives. N2N Services Inc. is based in Atlanta, GA. Learn more about N2N Services Inc. and the Illuminate platform by visiting http://www.illuminateapp.com/.Sales N2N Services Inc +1 888-651-3309email us here

  • Industry Veteran Heiko Wongel joins Sagacious 'Future of IP' Global Advisory Council
    on March 23, 2021 at 11:59 am

    EINDHOVEN, NETHERLANDS, March 23, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Sagacious IP, one of the world’s largest IP Research and Consulting firms, has announced the addition of Heiko Wongel to the company’s 'Future of IP' Global Advisory Council. The council comprises of futuristic IP industry experts supporting Sagacious IP’s technology and business leaders in identifying opportunities while also strategizing the firm’s future roadmap for solving global IP challenges faced by numerous technology companies, law firms, and other players in the IP ecosystem. Heiko Wongel, Former Director at the European Patent Office (EPO), is based in Germany and has over 30 years of experience in the field of patents. He served as the director of the Patent Information Promotion Directorate at the EPO’s Vienna office till early 2020, where he and his team were responsible for promotion, marketing, and feature planning for the agency’s patent information tools. During his tenure at the office, Mr. Wongel’s directorate also organized patent information events and trainings for patent information users. Commenting on his new position, Heiko Wongel said, “The use of patent information has developed significantly over the last years. What used to be just a technical resource for straightforward novelty searching has become the basis for advanced analysis. This allows drawing conclusions on technical trends, market developments, investment opportunities and can generate benefits far beyond the IP area itself. A multidisciplinary approach and a capable team like Sagacious are a must for maximizing these benefits.” Faiz Wahid, Regional Head – Europe, Sagacious IP, stated “Sagacious IP has always been at the forefront of the IP industry by leveraging its analytical talent to draw actionable insights from patent information. Mr. Wongel's deep expertise in the IP industry will enable us to look beyond the obvious transformations in the IP industry and be prepared for the future of IP as it unfolds globally.” The establishment of Sagacious ‘Future of IP’ Global Advisory Council is aligned with the company’s aim of not only leading the change but also paving the way for the next evolution in the IP industry. Members of this new advisory council are experts in their fields and will play a key role in determining the company’s future direction. --------------- About Sagacious IP Sagacious IP is an award-winning IP research solutions provider working with the world’s largest companies, law firms, institutions, research organizations, and inventors to help them monetize, defend, and expand their patent portfolios and drive innovation within their industries. For more information visit: https://www.sagaciousresearch.com/Sagacious Advanced Research Inc. Sagacious Research Private Limited +1 213-286-6088email us here Visit us on social media:FacebookTwitterLinkedIn

  • Capital Numbers Named India’s Top 3 Web Development Firms for 2021 by Clutch
    on March 23, 2021 at 10:29 am

    Capital Numbers is recognized as a top-ranking company in the web development space for 2021 by Clutch. KOLKATA, WEST BENGAL, INDIA, March 23, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Clutch (the leading B2B ratings and reviews platform) named Capital Numbers one of India’s top-rated web development firms that demonstrated expertise and a supreme commitment to excellent project delivery. Clutch Sales Development Representative Keith Blocker, commenting on the winners, stated, “We were blown away by the drive, expertise, and knowledge exhibited by these companies.” With this recognition from Clutch, Capital Numbers has proved its ability to raise its productivity, efficiency, quality, and delivery, year after year. It’s a matter of great honor for the company that propelled its web development services to new heights and carved its niche in this competitive market. Capital Numbers has been on the tech scene for around ten years now and is known for adhering to the highest business processes and ethics standards. It acts with sheer integrity for each of its projects and never cuts corners for short-cuts. To be named as a top-ranking web development firm in 2021 testifies Capital Numbers’ stellar services, brand visibility, rave reviews, social media presence, and a customer-focused approach. Capital Numbers’ incredible team comes with a performance mindset to deliver in-demand skills, on-demand, to keep customers one step ahead. What sets it apart is its ability to provide unique web development solutions at optimized costs. An ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified company, Capital Numbers is headquartered in Kolkata and has expanded globally with offices in the USA, Sweden, and Australia. Shaped by experience, the company currently employs a pool of 600+ certified engineers, software developers, and technology architects who work in close liaison to deliver solutions in areas like: Backend: Node.js, .NET, PHP, RoR, and Python Front-end: React.js, Vue.js, Angular CMS: WordPress, Magento, and Drupal Mobile: Kotlin, Flutter, Ionic, React Native DevOps Over the years, the company has successfully delivered more than 2000 projects worldwide, resulting in new client acquisitions every year. It has built hundreds of sophisticated websites, corporate portals, business management systems, intranet environments, and eCommerce platforms. Each client requires a custom-tailored solution, and Capital Numbers has consistently catered to such needs at reduced time-to-market. Today, Capital Numbers is a trusted technology partner to global brands. Its mature, low-risk software development models further encourage businesses to team up with Capital Numbers. The company aims to transform more businesses with next-gen web development services as it prepares for the road ahead. It feels highly motivated by Clutch's recent honor and hopes to secure more such top ranks in the years to come. ___________________________________________________________________________ About Clutch Clutch is the top ratings and reviews platform for IT, marketing, and business service providers. Each month, over half a million buyers and sellers of services use the Clutch platform, and the user base is growing over 50% a year. Clutch has been recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the 500 fastest-growing companies in the U.S. and has been listed as a top 50 startup by LinkedIn. ____________________________________________________________________________ About Capital Numbers Incepted in 2012, Capital Numbers is an ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified organization specializing in web and mobile application development services for global customers. With 500+ full-time experts, Capital Numbers has successfully delivered over 2500 projects to a large number of businesses of various sizes. It is Dun & Bradstreet accredited and a Certified Google Partner that caters to an esteemed client base, including Reuters, Federated Auto Parts, Consumer Reports, StoneAcre, Avasant, ST Engineering, along with several other medium-sized businesses and agencies worldwide. To learn more, you can visit https://www.capitalnumbers.com/. ###Paromita Biswas Panja Capital Numbers +91 33-67992222info@capitalnumbers.com Visit us on social media:FacebookTwitterLinkedIn

  • MEPs And 30 Human Rights Organisations in Urgent Joint Call to European Council to Sanction Erdogan's Regime.
    on March 23, 2021 at 9:00 am

    Flags being waved by protestors at a rally organised by StopErdoganNow outside the European Parliament, January 19 2021. Credit: StopErdoganNow "Erdogan’s aggressions present a clear and direct threat to the peace, security, and wellbeing of European citizens. " Erdogan finances and supports Islamist terrorist organisations such as ISIS and Hamas. The Stop Erdogan coalition brings together many of those whose communities are being threatened by Erdogan's aggressions. Letter Signed by MEPs and 30 NGOs Calls on HR Josep Borrell to Recommend That The European Council “Imposes Tough Sanctions” on Erdogan’s Regime this Friday. Turkey is a much worse offender than Russia concerning abusing human rights, fuelling conflict in its sphere, threatening Europe & committing war crimes. The EU must sanction Turkey as it did Russia.”— Nicolas Tavitian, President of the Armenian Committee of BelgiumBRUSSELS, BELGIUM, March 23, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Will the European Council heed the resolution of the European parliament to sanction Turkey for gross violations of human rights, or will it again do nothing? As a response to repeated and sustained aggressions and threats against Europeans, other countries and his own people, the European parliament passed a resolution by overwhelming majority last November to “impose tough sanctions” on Turkey. In support of this, a growing coalition of human rights and community organisations demanded last December that the European Council take appropriate action against Erdogan’s authoritarian regime. The coalition includes representatives of Aramean Syriac, Armenian, Assyrian, Coptic Cypriot, Pontiac Greek, Kurdish, and Yazidi communities in Europe. Instead of imposing sanctions, the Council postponed a decision until its meeting of this week. Many commentators put this down to national self-interest, since Germany, Spain and Italy are heavily invested in Turkey. In protest at the weakness of this response by our European leaders, a rally was held outside the European Parliament in January, during a meeting of the parliamentary Foreign Affairs committee. Speakers included MEPs and leaders of communities directly threatened by Erdogan’s violent policies. Loucas Fourlas MEP (EPP), a member of the Delegation to the EU-Turkey Joint Parliamentary Committee said: “We must put our European values above any national interest. We have to decide whether we are promoting values, or business.” Chair of the Parliamentary Political Committee for the Mediterranean, Costas Mavrides MEP (S&D) said: “We choose not to be silent against the crimes committed by Erdogan. We must not follow the failed appeasement policy of the late 1930s towards Nazi Germany, which humanity paid with such a heavy cost." Yet appeasement is precisely the policy that the European Commission appears to be practising. Last week it was briefing journalists that it had “ceased work” on drawing up sanctions on Turkey because of an apparent “thaw in relations”. This so-called thaw is evident only to those with their heads in the sand. If the unelected eurocrats thought that they could get away with brushing the will of parliament to one side and acting as if Erdogan is not the danger to European peace and security that he is, then they have had a bad week. Why? Because last Wednesday Erdogan’s apparatus threatened to ban Turkey’s third political party which attracted six million votes and stripped a prominent legislator and human rights advocate of his parliamentary seat. Instead of condemning such an outrage, EU High representative Josep Borrell merely expressed his “deep concern”. He had no difficulty, however, in condemning Russia’s expulsion of EU diplomats from Moscow. Why the double standard? And last Friday, only hours after EU President von der Leyen and EC president Charles Michel had finished a video conference with him, Erdogan pulled Turkey out of the Istanbul Convention, the international accord designed to protect women amid rising femicide. Turkey’s record in this area is appalling, yet Borrell once again only “expressed concern” rather than calling out, criticising and condemning this latest assault on human rights. Why is he so scared to do so? Meanwhile Erdogan’s regime continues to be responsible for, inter alia: • unilateral provocations against EU member states Greece and Cyprus• undertaking provocative illegal activities in the eastern Mediterranean • destabilising military aggressions in Syria, Iraq, Libya and Nagorno-Karabakh;• threatening European citizens that “they will not be able to walk safely on their streets”• financing terrorist networks whose aims and values seek to destroy European liberal democracy• supporting and granting citizenship to murderers from Hamas, outlawed by the EU as a terrorist organisation• operating a terrorist mercenary army and transporting them via Turkish Airlines from Syria to Nagorno-Karabakh and Libya• committing war crimes against Aramean Syriacs, Armenians, Kurds, Assyrians, Yazidis, Syrians and others• violating human rights of journalists, political opponents, supporters of democracy, women and all voices of dissent, on an industrial scale The response of von der Leyen and Michel is to seek “confidence building” to “allow for a more positive EU-Turkey agenda”. This is not the language of diplomacy; it is the language of capitulation. Erdogan is playing our European leaders for the weak, indecisive political amateurs that they are repeatedly confirming themselves to be. The only language that an authoritarian ideologue such as Erdogan understands is strong actions. For that reason, we are today sending an open letter to EU High representative Borrell, signed by MEPs and our partner human rights and community organisations, demanding that he presses the European Council to “impose tough sanctions on Turkey” later this week. The world is watching.Chris Wilson StopErdoganNow +32 478 02 19 45stoperdogannow@gmail.com Visit us on social media:FacebookTwitter

  • Leading Pathogen Detection Company Biotia provides CHPSE HIPAA credential to employees for HIPAA compliance
    on March 23, 2021 at 8:21 am

    Certified Cybersecurity Awareness Professional (CCAP) NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, March 23, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Pioneering pathogen detection company Biotia provides HIPAA training for employees so they may achieve the Certified HIPAA Privacy Security Expert (CHPSE) credential to meet HIPAA compliance Biotia announces its increased focus on the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the federal law that protects patient health information. By providing in-depth HIPAA training and subsequent certification to several employees who play a key role in HIPAA compliance, Biotia is well-equipped to address the intricacies and ever-changing requirements of HIPAA. In particular, Joe Barrows, Director of Software Engineering, underwent and successfully completed an intensive 22-hour HIPAA training course through https://www.hipaatraining.net, a leading provider of HIPAA compliance solutions. After course completion, Barrows successfully passed a two-hour timed exam to validate his knowledge and become a Certified HIPAA Privacy Security Expert (CHPSE). As a CHPSE, Barrows fully understands the HIPAA privacy and security rules as well as new changes to the regulation in light of the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act. HITECH mandated new requirements for sharing protected health information with business associates, for ensuring identity theft protection, for using and disclosing protected health information for marketing purposes, and for reporting breaches of protected health information. The CHPSE credential denotes that Barrows has an in-depth knowledge of the application of the HIPAA privacy rule as it relates to the uses and disclosures of protected health information (PHI). This includes using and disclosing PHI for treatment, payment, and healthcare operations as well as disclosure for public purposes. As a CHPSE, Barrows also has an in-depth knowledge of the application of the HIPAA security rule as it relates to the security of PHI. Barrows can identify technical or electronic threats to the healthcare enterprise and explain the technology available to reduce or prevent those threats. He has received advanced training in the topics of administrative, physical, and technical safeguards and is able to develop policies and procedures to describe those safeguards and address larger risk management strategies. The CHPSE credential signifies that Barrows is an expert in overall HIPAA compliance. He is able to evaluate whether policies and procedures are HIPAA-compliant and ensure that Biotia is taking every possible step to protect the privacy and security of protected health information. About Biotia Biotia’s mission is to fight infectious diseases with genomics and AI while building the world’s leading microbial sequence database. Biotia, a spinout company of Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute at Cornell Tech, has a licensed New York State CLIA lab for COVID-19 testing affiliated with SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University. For more information about the company and its services, visit https://www.biotia.io/ About Supremus Group, LLChttps://www.hipaatraining.net, a Supremus Group venture, offers comprehensive HIPAA training for healthcare organizations, health plans, employers, business associates, and alternative medicine providers. Courses, which have been updated to reflect HITECH requirements, are offered in multiple formats, including instructor-led HIPAA training, online training courses, and customized onsite training. After course completion, participants may obtain one of the following HIPAA certifications: CHPE (Certified HIPAA Privacy Expert), CHSE (Certified HIPAA Security Expert), and CHPSE (Certified HIPAA Privacy Security Expert). In CCAP (Certified Cybersecurity Awareness Professional) students learn how hackers use social engineering tools like spoofing, Deceptive Phishing, W2 Phishing, Search Engine Phishing, Pharming, Spear Phishing, Whaling / CEO Fraud, Vishing, SMiSHing, Dropbox Phishing, Google Docs Phishing, Image Phishing, Piggybacking, Dumpster diving, Eavesdropping and many more to exploit employees weakness. In addition to HIPAA training, the company also provides HIPAA compliance kits, manuals, training, templates, and compliance consulting services in the areas of HIPAA security risk analysis, vulnerability assessment, contingency planning, and HIPAA security audits. For more information about the company and its services, visit https://www.hipaatraining.net/.Steve Capoccia Biotia +1 617-372-1539 spc@spcoms.com

  • Smart ERP Solutions to Host Webinar: Segregation of Duties and Sensitive Access as a Service
    on March 22, 2021 at 6:14 pm

    Smart ERP Solutions Oracle Partner Many organizations need to comply with government or industry legislation - auditors recommend that they separate the tasks, duties, or roles a user can perform PLEASANTON, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 22, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Smart ERP Solutions (SmartERP), a leading provider of Enterprise Business Applications solutions and services, will host a complimentary educational webinar: "Segregation of Duties and Sensitive Access as a Service." This one-hour event will occur on Thursday, March 25 at 11:00 AM (PST)/2:00 PM (EST). Interested parties can register for this complimentary online. For registrants that cannot attend the webinar, SmartERP will send a copy of the recording and presentation slides following the session. The webinar will be presented by Lewis Hopkins. Hopkins has been working in governance, risk, and compliance for the last 14 years, providing solutions and guidance to over 200 Organizations. He is a Board Member of the Governance, Risk, and Compliance User Group and regularly speaks at industry events. This session will highlight the critical risks in your PeopleSoft Applications (and other ERP systems), including PII, Sensitive Data, and Segregation of Duty Risks. The session will explore the vital Application controls, from Components/Pages to User Preferences and Workflow Approval. SmartERP will also cover their unique Access Review as a Service, with no software to deploy in exchange for powerful and insightful reports as to the effectiveness of your current controls. The process of getting started and managing Security is hampered by a series of the following questions, all of which will be reviewed during this session. * Who should own the Access/SoD Reviews? * How do organizations work together as departments to 'iron out' their weaknesses and problems? * How do organizations make the best decisions regarding what access to give and take from their Users? * How do organizations automate this process? Without answering these basic questions, most projects are not going to be successful. In this session, attendees will learn the keys to success that have been tried and tested. SmartERP will discuss several factors that go into a successful Security management process that will ensure your organization's Security endures for years to come. Prior to the webinar, interested parties can measure their level of risk, with this easy-to-use Risk Level calculator. For attendees that are not a PeopleSoft ERP/SCM/HCM install-base client, the SoDAC solution also has capabilities for all other on-premise and Cloud-based ERP solutions. About Smart ERP Solutions Founded by Oracle/PeopleSoft veterans, Smart ERP Solutions® is a unique organization in the Enterprise Business Applications space providing innovative, cost-effective, and configurable solutions and services that efficiently extend the capabilities of ERP systems to meet specific business process needs. SmartERP enables clients to seamlessly integrate their people, processes, applications, and data, across an enterprise, enabling the organization to streamline its operations and support business growth.Dave Reik Smart ERP Solutions +1 925-708-3222email us here Visit us on social media:FacebookTwitterLinkedIn

  • RapidValue Certified as a Great Place to Work for the Second Year in a Row
    on March 22, 2021 at 9:05 am

    It is definitely a matter of great pride to have been certified as a great place to work for the second consecutive year.”— Rajesh Padinjaremadam, CEO, RapidValueKOCHI, KERALA, INDIA, March 22, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- RapidValue, a leading provider of digital product engineering services and solutions, has once again been recognized as a Great Place to Work in the Information Technology industry in the mid-size organization category. Great Place to Work® Institute’s methodology is recognized as rigorous and objective and is considered the gold standard for defining great workplaces across business, academia, and government organizations. Even as they shifted their operations to the work from home setup due to the pandemic, the organization succeeded in making the transition as seamless as possible and continues to implement its employee-first practices. The company also shifted its hiring and onboarding process online to ensure the safety of the new joiners and its existing associates. In addition to ensuring employee safety, RapidValue also ensured job safety and customer satisfaction. “It is definitely a matter of great pride to have been certified as a great place to work for the second consecutive year. We have always been in the pursuit of building a healthy work culture, and to have our efforts recognized in this manner is very fulfilling. I would like to thank the entire RapidValue family for their extraordinary professionalism and commitment, even amidst a pandemic. This recognition would not be possible without their continuous support in ensuring a great workplace experience,” says Rajesh Padinjaremadam, CEO, RapidValue. “It is an honor to be recognized for building a high-trust and high-performance culture in our organization, especially during a time when businesses were navigating through uncharted waters. The organization has always strived to provide an environment that makes life easier for our associates and their families. Even during times like these, when we were not able to see face to face, we ensured that we remained connected virtually,” says Aravind Warrier, Director of Human Resources, RapidValue. To enable associates to remain connected even while working remotely, the organization introduced quarterly virtual employee meets, online band performances, and multiple online employee engagement activities across the organization. RapidValue also organized virtual sessions for its associates, hosted by external subject matter experts. Understanding the importance of growing concerns regarding mental wellness, the organization introduced virtual counseling for its associates. Every year, more than 10,000 organizations from over 60 countries partner with Great Place to Work® Institute for assessment, benchmarking, and planning actions to strengthen their workplace culture. Great Place to Work® Certification Program is the first step for an organization in its journey to build a High-Trust, High-Performance Culture™, and RapidValue has successfully accomplished this milestone, once again. RapidValue has been featured here, in an exclusive section dedicated to Great Place to Work-Certified™ organizations. About Great Place to Work® Great Place to Work® is the global authority on building, sustaining, and recognizing High-Trust, High-Performance Culture™. Great Place to Work® Institute has conducted pioneering research on the characteristics of great workplaces for over 30 years. They partner with more than 10,000 organizations every year around the world to help create and sustain a High-Trust, High-Performance Culture™. In India, Great Place to Work® recognizes organizations through the Great Place to Work® Certification and research-based annual lists of Best Workplaces. For more details, visit www.greatplacetowork.in About RapidValue Solutions RapidValue is a global leader in providing digital product engineering solutions including Mobility, Cloud, Omni-channel, IoT, AI, and RPA to enterprises worldwide. RapidValue offers its digital services to the world’s top brands, Fortune 1000 companies, and innovative emerging start-ups. With offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, and India and operations spread across the Middle-East, Europe, and Canada, RapidValue delivers enterprise services and solutions across various industry verticals. For more details, visit www.rapidvaluesolutions.comSupratim Chakraborty RapidValue Solutions +91 99404 26996email us here Visit us on social media:FacebookTwitterLinkedIn

    on March 22, 2021 at 7:53 am

    Vote for Park Hyatt Maldives, one of the luxury hotels in Maldives. Barefoot bliss in our luxury resort in Maldives island. A remote natural environment at Park Hyatt Maldives, five star resort. GAAFU ALIFU ATOLL, MALDIVES, March 22, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Under the guidance of dynamic new General Manager Nikolaus A. Priesnitz, who was appointed on January 03, 2021, Park Hyatt Maldives continues to go from strength to strength with Nikolaus’ chief aims in his first year to ensure that guests experience Park Hyatt’s renowned high levels of customer service combined with the authenticity of Maldivian culture. With further commitment to the environmental and socially sustainable ethos that have always been an integral part of the resort’s daily operations, consistent glowing reviews from satisfied guests draw praise for ‘sun kissed shores,’ ‘a location like heaven on earth’ and ‘Mother Natures gift, showing how guests embrace the resort’s pristine and secluded setting. Further mentions of ‘unmatched service’ demonstrate the dedication and commitment displayed by every member of the Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa family and why the resort has been nominated for the Best Resort in Maldives in the Travel + Leisure World’s Best Awards 2021. A barefoot luxury resort, Park Hyatt Maldives boasts one of the best locations in the remote atoll with a white sand beach and lush vegetation. Surrounded by glorious tropical nature and a breathtaking natural 360 degrees house reef, which is home to colorful fish, small and harmless shark species, eagle rays, sting rays and thriving corals. Within a few steps of the resort, guests can rejoice in inspiring landscapes and astonishing underwater worlds before heading back to the luxurious comfort of their peaceful, private villas, including the stunning overwater villa maldives is famous for. A range of extraordinary curated experiences offer guests the chance to fully appreciate the remote natural environment, whether it be swimming with graceful sea turtles and colorful fish, taking a tour to a virgin, uninhabited island, embarking on a back to nature ‘castaway’ experience, or greeting the family of black tip reef sharks that visit the house reef each day. A fun and educational selection of dedicated kids activities inspired by nature’s playground, world-class dining featuring authentic cuisine of the region, and a rejuvenating spa all complement the overall enchantment of the resort. A true paradise on earth, the tranquility of the maldives luxury resort combined with bespoke guest experiences and gracious, authentic service have elevated the profile of Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa leading to the resort being recognized as one of the Best Hotel in Maldives for the Travel + Leisure World’s Best Awards 2021. Each year, the prestigious Travel + Leisure hosts the World’s Best Awards, giving its readers the chance to vote for the best luxury travel and tour operators in a variety of categories. To learn more about Travel + Leisure World’s Best Awards 2021 and to cast a vote, visit Travel + Leisure WBA at https://wba.m-rr.com The results of the Travel + Leisure World’s Best Awards 2021 will be revealed in the October 2021 issue of Travel + Leisure. Voting ends on May 10, 2021. To explore more about some of the best experiences at luxury hotels in Maldives, visit the new independent website at www.experienceparkhyattmaldives.com and learn about reef exploration, local island visits, cooking classes in Maldives or a Lucky Dolphin Sunset Cruise. About Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa Located just 55 kilometeres (34 miles) north of the equator, Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa is one of the best luxury hotels in Maldives for private and quiet relaxation. Seamlessly integrating local culture and environment, all 51 luxuriously villas are minimalist in style, designed and built with guests’ privacy and comfort in mind. From contemporary settings to casual ambiences, worldwide and regionally inspired dishes are offered for dining options. Our Maldives spa, The Vidhun Spa embraces local holistic wellness with treatments based on Hoonu - Cooling, Fini - Heating and Hiki – Hydrating. Situated at the heart of one of the largest natural atolls in the world, Hadahaa is secluded, away from teeming atolls of the North, with pristine waters and 360° house reef where snorkeling and scuba diving in Maldives are steps from each villa. Blue Journeys, the resort’s PADI Five Star certified dive and activity center provides a variety of water recreations. Get connected with Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. About Park Hyatt Park Hyatt hotels provide discerning, global travelers with a refined home-away-from-home. 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  • Refer Sri Lanka to International Criminal Court (ICC) : TGTE
    on March 22, 2021 at 7:30 am

    Refer SRi Lanka to ICC " The international crimes were committed by the state itself. An accused cannot be their own judge " Call for referral of Sri Lanka to ICC has been urged by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet, four former High Commissioners for Human Rights & former UN Special Rapporteurs.”— Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE)GENEVA, SWITZERLAND, March 22, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Justice delayed is justice denied. It has been 12 long years since the height of the Tamil Genocide conducted by the Sri Lankan State, and Tamils are still seeking justice in the midst of a return to an increasingly hostile and dangerous environment on the island. The Sri Lankan government has failed to advance accountability and only aggressively moves forward in its efforts to destroy the distinct character of the Tamil Nation, coupled with illegal land acquisition to destroy the territorial integrity of the Tamil homeland. The existence of this homeland is recognized in various pacts including the 1987 Indo-Lanka Accord. In April 29, 2011 the TGTE wrote a letter to the UN Secretary General, His Excellency Ban Ki-Moon requesting that he refer those responsible for genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes committed against the Tamil people to the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) for investigation. At that time TGTE also urged the UN Secretary General to appoint a Commission of Inquiry to investigate international crimes that had taken place in the island of Sri Lanka against the Tamil people. In support of the above demands TGTE submitted more than 100,000 petitions signed by individuals to the Secretary General’s Office. In 2015, a TGTE launched a signature campaign titled an “Urgent Appeal to the United Nations” gathered an unprecedented 1.6 million signatures worldwide (www.tgte-icc.org). That is, 1.6 million people worldwide called for the referral of Sri Lanka to the ICC for genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes, committed during and after the war that ended in 2009. Instead, the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) passed a consensus resolution calling on the Sri Lankan government to establish an accountability mechanism with the participation of foreign judges. However, the Sri Lankan government repudiated its commitment to the transitional justice called for in that resolution in spirit as well as in its 2020 letter to the Council. We firmly believe that neither a domestic mechanism nor a hybrid mechanism will result in any kind of justice for the Tamil people. The stated commitment by the Sri Lankan government to implement domestic accountability processes, while it explicitly showed it would not cooperate with the international community by pulling out of UNHRC’s resolution 30/1, is an attempt to deflect the call for the referral of Sri Lanka to the ICC. Sri Lanka means to delay any real actions that can be taken to bring us closer towards accountability and justice. The primary reason for the call for referral to ICC is that the Sri Lankan state is permeated with entrenched and pervasive racism, thus there is no space for Tamils to obtain justice domestically. In addition, according to the report of the Panel of Experts appointed by the then UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, and the reports of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, the international crimes were committed by the state itself. An accused cannot be their own judge. Tamil victims of Sri Lanka’s international crimes, including Tamils who have had to flee Sri Lanka, therefore believe that only through the referral of Sri Lanka to the ICC can justice be done for the Tamil victims. Today, the call for referral of Sri Lanka to the ICC has become the foremost element in the accountability discourse on Tamil Genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes committed against Tamils by the Sri Lankan state. The call for the referral of Sri Lanka to the ICC has been urged by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet, four former High Commissioners for Human Rights, thirteen former UN Special Rapporteurs who visited Sri Lanka, members of the Expert Panel, the Tamil domestic political leadership, Tamil Civil Society, Tamil religious leaders, Tamil diaspora organizations, and international NGOs. This year the second generation of diaspora has also rallied around this call and launched a signature campaign which more than 64,000 signatures were obtained (https://www.change.org/p/justice-for-eelam-united-nations-human-rights-council-session-46). This itself has been a victory for the Tamil cause, as Tamils have endured decades of injustice. TGTE urges the United Nations' member states to take action to refer Sri Lanka to the ICC, for prosecution of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes committed against the Tamil people by the Sri Lankan state. The continuing violence against the Tamils, the recent violence against Muslims and the total impunity in Sri Lanka for atrocity crimes constitutes an ongoing “threat to the peace” under Chapter 7, Article 39 of the UN Charter, because there has been absolutely no accountability for grave injustices. After years of repeated attempts at deflection, and denials, it is time for Sri Lanka to finally be referred to the ICC, and for the Tamil people to finally obtain justice for the decades-long pain endured at the hands of the Sri Lankan state. The UK Government, the penholder of the tabled Resolution stated that there is “insufficient UN Security Council support” for it. In response to the above, Honorable Stephen Kinnock, Member of Parliament in the UK stated “We fully acknowledge that two of the permanent members of the Security Council would likely veto such a referral were it to be tabled, but this is not an acceptable argument against trying. The UK government’s approach to the UN Security Council should not be determined simply by the veto-wielding intentions of two of its permanent members”. In this connection, the observation made by Honorable Siobhain McDonagh who moved the debate in the UK Parliament on the tabled Resolution on March 18, 2021 merits special attention: “I turn to the current resolution, to which the UK is a penholder. Disappointingly, it falls short. First, there is no recommendation to pursue criminal accountability by referral to the International Criminal Court. I could barely believe my eyes reading the Government’s reasoning, citing “insufficient…Security Council support”. Who are we to cast the veto for China or Russia before they have done so themselves? Our role on the international stage must be to send the loudest message that impunity will not be tolerated, not to pre-empt the inaction of other nations” Referral of Sri Lanka to the ICC should not be viewed as an end itself. It is a process. This process will legitimize the Tamils' claim that there is no space for justice for Tamils in the island of Sri Lanka; this process will demonstrate our cry for global justice, it will also intensify and sharpen the Tamil issue in the international arena; even though it is blocked by the exercise of a veto in the Security Council, the state of Sri Lanka will be perceived as a genocidal state and war crime state. Referral will also push states to take sides in the national conflict in the island of Sri Lanka in the UN Security Council and by extension in the world at large. A putative vetoed resolution at the Security Council is much better than referring accountability to a domestic mechanism in Sri Lanka as proposed by the current tabled resolution. TGTE believes that a vetoed resolution will make democratic powers act in unison and take punitive actions against the Sri Lankan state, independent of the UN. Visuvanathan Rudrakumaran Prime Minister Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) IN SUPPORT OF OUR CALL WE SUBMIT THE FOLLOWING REASONS: The reasons we provided in 2015 for the referral of Sri Lanka to the ICC are equally applicable to the current situation. In 2015 in support of our call we submitted the following facts. 1. The Sri Lankan State is Not Ethnically Neutral: a. “Accountability also requires official acknowledgment by the state of its role and responsibility in violating the rights of its citizens when that has occurred.” Comment i. The Sri Lankan state apparatus perpetrated serious crimes against Tamils. There has been no acknowledgement of made by the Sri Lankan state in any form. Previous governments have attempted to shift blame to the government that was in power during 2009. Now it is the same people who were in power in 2009 that are the heads of state again, however, it is really the system itself that must bear responsibility. ii. Political Buddhism emphasizes politics over Buddhist values, and Sinhala Buddhist nationalism is fully embedded and institutionalized as state policy. This ideology justifies subjugation of the island’s minorities, because the fundamental tenet of it is the belief that Sri Lanka is the island of the Sinhalese. The current government won a super-majority government during a time in which there was a surge in Sinhala-Buddhist nationalism. iii. No Sinhala-Buddhist nationalist has ever been held accountable for political crimes or human rights abuses against a Tamil, since the country’s independence in 1948. The few individuals found guilty in court are either pardoned or given bail. iv. The Sri Lankan State conducted itself like a cultural warhead of the Sinhala-Buddhist majority community. The Sri Lankan government has not only violated the fundamental human rights of the Tamils, but also failed to respect and protect them for over seventy years, since independence. 2. The Sri Lankan Judiciary and Justice System will not deliver Justice to Tamils: a. “…based on a review of the (Justice) system’s past performance and current structure, the panel has little confidence that it will serve justice in the present political environment” Comment i. A predominantly Sinhalese judiciary trying cases against a Sinhalese military cannot bring justice. This is clearly in evidence in all of the past Commissions of Inquiry. In just July 2019, a magistrate in Trincomalee acquitted 12 members of the police Special Task Force and a police officer due to “lack of evidence.” ii. The Sri Lankan legal and judicial institutions have long demonstrated a “chronic inability to address systemic and entrenched impunity for crimes under international law perpetrated by the military and security forces” iii. The Sri Lankan judiciary is always subservient to political leadership when it comes to abuses against Tamils and that is in evidence in all of the past Commissions of Inquiry. Even under a Tamil Chief Justice in 1983, no prosecution was ever brought against anyone for the mass killings of Tamils in the 1983 pogrom: iv. In the past, with the single exception of the Krishanthy Kumarasamy case, prosecutions in cases of rape against Tamils have been either not initiated or been quickly abandoned. Murders and rapes with indirect backing by the armed forces have been covered up. Limited prosecutions have led to few convictions. A subservient judiciary has provided absolute support to the military in the period during and before Rajapaksa’s presidency. In cases involving Tamils, the judiciary has rarely gone against Government thinking. 3. Deflecting Collection of Evidence and Prosecution of Perpetrators: a. The call by the Rajapaksa government for a domestic mechanism, in replacements of their international obligations from 2015, is yet again an attempt to deflect the collection of evidence and the prosecution of perpetrators, and ultimately the referral to the ICC. b. Sri Lanka is “aggressively attacking efforts to hold officials to account for past grave abuses”: i. Comment: Human Rights Watch released a report in February 2021 outlining the efforts of the Gotabaya Rajapaksa government to thwart justice in seven prominent human rights cases, including blocking investigations, repressing minority groups, intimidating activists and family members of victims. c. “The Sri Lankan authorities… would leave no stone unturned to bring justice to all those responsible for killings, violence and acts of destruction no matter who they were and regardless of their status, ideology or political alignments. There would be no exception.” d. Passage of the Witness Protection laws on February 20, 2015. Comment: Absence of laws on the books is not the reason for impunity, rather the racial environment is. Laws against torture are already in the books but, as a US Immigration Judge said, “[The Sri Lankan Government] carries out torture essentially as a tool of sovereignty. Adequate publicity about the witness protection law has yet to be given, the legislation has not been publicly shared, police officers and other interested persons have not been educated on its provisions, and the punishment that would be given if those provisions are violated has not been determined. A priori to the witness protection law is the access of the witnesses to the OHCHR’s Investigation of Sri Lanka (OISL). 4. Domestic Mechanisms will not deliver Justice to the Tamils: a. Lessons Learned and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) has not delivered Justice to Tamils: i. “…the LLRC is deeply flawed, does not meet international standards for an effective accountability mechanism.” b. “Other domestic institutions that could play a role in achieving accountability also demonstrate serious weaknesses. Over three decades, Commissions of Inquiry have been established to examine a number of serious human rights issues. While some have served important fact-finding goals, overwhelmingly, these Commissions have failed to result in comprehensive accountability for the violations identified.” c. Additionally, countless Presidential Commissions established under different regimes to investigate human rights violations have not led to prosecutions of perpetrators or justice. Comment: The change of guard in Sri Lanka will not result in a change in the institutionalized impunity. Even though the President has been changed recently, the political environment vis-à-vis Tamils has not changed. Almost all the leaders of the current Government were leaders of previous governments when mass killings of Tamils took place and they failed to bring the perpetrators to justice. d. In January 2021, President Rajapaksa announced a new domestic commission of inquiry to review the findings of the numerous earlier commissions. Those earlier commissions have not lead to accountability nor revealed the fate of the forcibly disappeared Tamil individuals. Prior to the establishment of this commission however, the government already told the UNHRC that allegations against senior military officers were “unacceptable.” None of these commissions have met basic international standards. 5. Other Obstacles to Accountability in a Domestic or Hybrid Mechanism: a. “… Ongoing exclusionary policies which are particularly deleterious as political, social, and economic exclusion based on ethnicity, perceived or real, have been at the heart of the conflict: the continuation of war time measures including not only emergency regulations and Prevention of Terrorism Act…but also the continued militarization of the former conflict zone and the use of paramilitary proxies, all of which perpetuate a climate of fear, intimidation and violence.” Comment: The fact that the military apparatus is still intact and the militarization of the North-East continues has a deep impact on day-to-day activities there. Therefore, it is unlikely that victims/witnesses will be truly free before a domestic tribunal. b. Under the new government, self-censorship has returned to the Sri Lankan media, while security forces have carried out intense surveillance and harassment against journalists and activists. The Sri Lankan authorities target, intimidate, and harass journalists, and continue to deviate from democratic institutions and norms. 6. Failed attempts prior to the height of the conflict.Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam TGTE+1 614-202-3377r.thave@tgte.org Visit us on social media:FacebookTwitter

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    on March 22, 2021 at 7:00 am

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  • ஜெனீவா விடயத்தில் சிறிலங்காவுக்கு சவாலாக நாடுகடந்த தமிழீழ அரசாங்கம் : ஆங்கில ஊடகமொன்று செய்தி !!
    on March 20, 2021 at 9:52 pm

    War Criminals " ஐ.நா மனித உரிமைச்சபை விடயத்தில் சிறிலங்காவுக்கு எதிரான தீவிரமான பிரச்சாரத்தினை மேற்கொள்பவராக பிரதமர் வி.உருத்திரகுமாரன் உள்ளரெனவும ஊடகம் தெரிவித்துள்ளது " சிறிலங்காவை சர்வதேச குற்றவியல் நீதிமன்றுக்கு பாரப்படுத்த வேண்டும் என்ற நாடுகடந்த தமிழீழ அரசாங்கத்தின் முனைப்பு, ஜெனீவா விடயத்தில் சிறிலங்காவுக்கு பெரும் சவாலாக உள்ளதென ஆங்கில ஊடகம் செய்தி.”— Daily News (Sri Lanka) GENEVA, SWITZERLAND, March 20, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- சிறிலங்காவை சர்வதேச குற்றவியல் நீதிமன்றுக்கு பாரப்படுத்த வேண்டும் என்ற நாடுகடந்த தமிழீழ அரசாங்கத்தின் முனைப்பு, ஜெனீவா விடயத்தில் சிறிலங்காவுக்கு பெரும் சவாலாக உள்ளதென கொழும்பைத் தளமாக கொண்டு இயங்கும் ஆங்கில ஊடகம் ஓன்று செய்தி வெளியிட்டுள்ளது. http://www.dailynews.lk/2021/03/18/features/244274/challenging-week-sri-lanka சிறிலங்காவுக்கு சவாலான வாரம் என்ற தலைப்பில் எழுதப்பட்டுள்ள செய்திக்கட்டுரையிலேயே இதனைத் தெரிவித்துள்ள அவ்வூடகம், ஐ.நாவில் சிறிலங்கா வெளிவிவகார அமைச்சரின் உரைக்கு, பதிலுரையாக அமைந்த நாடுகடந்த தமிழீழ அரசாங்கத்தின் பிரதமர் வி.உருத்திரகுமாரனின் அறிக்கையினை சுட்டிக்காட்டி, ஐ.நா மனித உரிமைச்சபை விடயத்தில் சிறிலங்காவுக்கு எதிரான தீவிரமான பிரச்சாரத்தினை மேற்கொள்பவராக பிரதமர் வி.உருத்திரகுமாரன் உள்ளரெனவும தெரிவித்துள்ளது. சிறிலங்கா தொடர்பில் வாக்கெடுப்பினை நோக்கி சமர்பிக்கப்பட்டுள்ள தீர்மான வரைவில், சிறிலங்காவை சர்வதேச குற்றவியல் நீதிமன்றில் பாரப்படுத்தும் வகையில் திருத்தங்கள் கொண்டு வரப்பட வேண்டுமென கூட்டுநாடுகளை நாடுகடந்த தமிழீழ அரசாங்கம் கோரியுள்ளதாகவும் அச்செய்திக்குறிப்பில் தெரிவிக்கப்பட்டுள்ளது. இதேவேளை, தமிழீழ விடுதலைப்புலிகளுக்கு எதிரான பிரித்தானிய அரசாங்கத்தின் தடைக்கு எதிராகவும், நாடுகடந்த தமிழீழ அரசாங்கம் சட்டநடவடிக்கையினை மேற்கொண்டு வருவதாகவும் குறிப்பிட்டுள்ள அச்செய்திக்கட்டுரையில், தமிழீழ விடுதலைப்புலிகள் எவ்வித பயங்காரவாத நடவடிக்கைகளிலும் ஈடுபடவில்லை என நாடுகடந்த தமிழீழ அரசாங்கம் வாதிடுகின்றது எனவும் தெரிவித்துள்ளது.Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam TGTE+1 614-202-3377r.thave@tgte.org Visit us on social media:FacebookTwitter