Learn when to upgrade your website with new design

No doubt that the internet is changing at a very fast pace and so called the number of websites too. Internet users access these websites using a wide range of devices. If you have a website/blog, so to attract more and more users to your website, you have to keep it updated as per the latest needs.

You know what? Google considers the website’s usability in order to get it ranked in the Google Search Result Pages.

Some website owners never get to know when their website actually needs to be redesigned. Below are the signs that you must be kept in mind when to make the required changes in your website.


Through the analytics of a website, you can check how your website is navigated by the users, whether the design of your website needs to be optimized or not, as well as the rate at which the users leave your website i.e. bounce rate.

There can be many reasons for low or high bounce rate. Some of them are:

Slow Loading Pages

Google algorithm always ranks pages with faster loading time. It means if you have slow loading pages, it directly affects the website navigation by the users. Slow website means getting away from the users. This factor does not require a total redesigning of a website, but is a good SEO practice in terms of attracting more users towards your website.

You can use ‘PageSpeed Insights tool’ to check the speed of your website.

Technical slip-up

If your website is experiencing the highest bounce rate, immediately check how long users stay on your website. If they stay for only a few seconds, then there may be a 404 issue. Google’s ‘Search Console’ can also be checked to find the crawl errors.

Too many popups

Check for the number of popup in the content. The users find it difficult to locate their desired content due to so many popups and never stay at the website. Such websites are punished by Google.

The difficult navigation always results to the poor user experience and hence, decreases their interests in browsing your website. So, you have to design a website that flows contentedly for the users.


These days, most of the users access the internet through their mobile devices. So, make sure to build a mobile-friendly website with the easily accessed buttons.

You can also use Google’s free tool to check how your website looks and responds on the various mobile devices. Through a tool, you can find how much time your website takes to load on a mobile device, and approximate percentage of visitors lost due to the excessive loading time. The free report option helps in fixing the issues related to loading time.


Old and unattractive design can bring a negative users experience and they may find it uninterested. The outdated web design may result in the loss of both credibility and visitors.

Modular Design

The modular design allows you to use a template that can be modified based on the needs of different kinds of content. It is not possible in custom-made templates. Thus, a website with modular design is easy to navigate.

All above points will help you to find that your website needs to be redesign. Just adapt the changing world and try a new design for your website. You will get the profitable result of your hard work.