Google New Update- Medic Update or YMYL (Your Money Your Life Sites Update)

Google has rolled out a new Update in August first week which was termed as Medic Update or YMYL (Your Money Your Life Sites) Update has mostly impacted medical sites. Lot of sites has seen a traffic drop however few of them were quite lucky to see a huge increase in traffic.

Google also confirmed that website owners have nothing much to do on the same. Make sure your website works faster, have quality and user friendly informative content, excellent user experience and on top of all this, provide more useful sites to the visitors and users.

Mainly Google has not provided much information on medic update. We have spoken to some SEO Giants and they have highlighted the following key points:

Mobile first-index

Mobile indexing is now one of the important aspects which will lead to rankings enhancements. The website that have mobile version will for surely get an edge over rankings and traffic as well. On the other hand the website which does not have mobile version or are not mobile friendly will have to taste their own medicine and will suffer in rankings and traffic. So, it is highly advised to get your website Mobile version functioning as soon as possible.

In addition to this make sure you do not hide any content for mobile version. Menu should be presented in a neat way and tabs should be displayed. Along with this all information which is available for desktop should be displayed on mobile version in a proper way.

Try to get rid of Pop ups for mobile or if possible remove them from the header section, or push them to the bottom.

Quality Content and Internal-linking

Content is the foremost asset for any website these days. Now not only content but Informative and well written content will bring a lot of value to your website. In a world where content is king, Google has informed many times that EAT is Very Important. EAT is for Content and this can be elaborated in following way

E- Expertise, A- Authority, T- Trust

If you keep all these three things in mind for your content you will never fail in the eyes of various search Engines.  Get some experts to write the content. Keep highest authority and trust for users. Don’t try to misguide Google by getting eye-catchy content.

“If you confuse Google, You will lose your way”

Once you have the content proper internal linking needs to be done. Each of website pages should be internally linked with most relevant pages. This not only helps in getting traffic and higher rankings but also keeps the users/visitors on the website for a longer period of time which for sure decreases the “Bounce Rate”.

Site Speed

Website speed is also considered important thing. If website loads faster it will definitely going to keep the users/visitors happy and Search Engine bots will consider this aspect. Website speed is a main ranking factor in this era. Earlier you may have seen that, in-spite of poor speed the website ranked well on Google but now that’s not the story. Now you need to keep the website very fast.

These days’ designers and developers are building sites keeping speed in mind. They are using simple ways to keep the website speed fast such as Browsers Caching, compressing image and making them lighter .There are tools that you can use to check your site speed such as GTmetrix and of course, Google’s Page speed Insights.

Hope this information will keep you updated with latest SEO Updates. Keep Reading the blog for more updates.


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